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Wisdom from a child


The essence of wisdom is using what we know and confessing to what we do not know. The strangest essence of wisdom is that, the purity of a child comes with some real depths of wisdom, I receive this everyday from my boys so I thought I would share some of it with you:

1)”Life, you can’t beat it!” Life is not about beating it, it’s just so amazing that nothing else is comes even close to being better, especially when you are a child.

2)”If you can’t be a dentist and make lots of money, make sure you become a rock star!” Success comes in many guises, even as a child you can see the want of approval, control, safety and security, yet you can do it through hard work, education or fun!

3)”When you know what you really want, it’s so much easier to get it!” Goals are much easier to attain when you know what you want, do you know what you really want?

4)”Yoda got it wrong because you have to keep trying until you do!” Yes you have to give things a go,”Try” until you get it right just like walking. Just because you fail, you can’t give up trying.

5)”If I can get my arms around your waist then your not fat!” From a child’s eye, everyone and everything is perfect, no one is anything else. Which is great as they both can get their arms around me now!

6)”If I can ride a bike, I can do anything!” When you try something you can’t do and master it, you feel like anything is possible, what a wonderful place to live. A land of possibility exists right now around you, but is that where you live?

7)”If I lose my temper, i lose everything.” This is the power of honesty, to lose one’s temper feels like you have lost everything the moment when it’s gone.

8)”If you think a girl is cute, you should tell her, don’t be scared.” How many times do we feel like saying something, but fear holds us from being natural and saying what we truly feel. take a moment and imagine how good this girl would feel if you truly tell her with absolutely no attachment. Wouldn’t it be worth seeing her smile?

9)”You don’t need things to be happy, but an Aston Martin would be cool!” You can not equate happiness with material things as it comes from inside, but having an Aston Martin would be cool regardless.

10)”I can make anything look cool with this hair style, everything else doesn’t matter.” Yes it is true, with their funky hairstyles they do look cute, if they do anything wrong then you can’t help but forgive them!


This is just a sample of the wisdom I get everyday, till i get time to share again, love to you all.

Take care Deepak

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