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Why Bears have Short Tails!

A long time ago, when animals trusted humans, Bears had long tails. One very cold winter, a bear was sitting hungry in his cave thinking of his stomach he ventured down to the humans house at the end of the stream. “The Humans never go hungry,” thought the bear as he knocked on the door. The man came to the door, looking a bit frightened he asked the bear what he wanted. The bear said he wanted the human to teach him how to fish in the frozen lake like a human so he won’t go hungry in winter.

The Man agreed and led him to the lake before cutting a hole in the ice. He told the bear to put his tail in the water as he couldn’t hold a fishing rod. The bear shouted that he could feel the fish tugging at his tail, but the man said he should remain there for a while and really let the fish bite!

The man returned after an hour an asked if the bear could still feel the fish and the bear said no!

The man laughed and said, your tail is frozen you silly bear, you’ve been sitting there to long! The bear tried to stand up and pulled at his tail and it snapped off. The man continued to laugh and ran off home! The bear felt cheated by his teacher and every since then the bear has never trusted or spoken to man again and as a sign of defiance has never grown his tail again!

Thats why Bears have short tails!

This ancient story from the american native indians has many gifts, One of them is be careful who you pick as a teacher and how far you trust them even when they show you that they have achieved results, especially if they tell you to do things differently!

I have been very lucky with my teachers in later life, and would encourage you to be careful when choosing yours!

Take care


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