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What would happen if you TEDified your Life?


Well almost a year ago I was involved with a project TEDxBrum, which is an independently organised TEDx event, that means like the proper TED event only smaller and personal. I must say it was probably one of the most exciting experiences yet! We got to hear some amazing new speakers share some great ideas that would touch, move and inspire people to action; But it’s not al about the speaker because I got to meet some amazing people involved with the project and I got to learn alot about myself!

If you fancy being part of TEDxBrum 2013, I would strongly suggest that you contact the team at I promise it will be an experience you will treasure. Now about my question, well each speaker must follow the TED commandments in their talk which are:

  1. Dream big (share your big idea).

  2. Show us the real you.

  3. Make the complex plain.

  4. Connect with peoples emotions.

  5. Don’t flaunt your ego.

  6. No selling from the stage.

  7. Feel free to comment on other speakers talks.

  8. Don’t read your talk

  9. End on time.

  10. Rehearse your talk.

In fact these are great rules/ guidelines for an professional speaker. These commandments caught my imagination with the idea of: what if you applied these to your life? How different would your life look?

Or bigger still how would you show up?

maybe the commandments may look like this:

  1. Dream Big

  2. Show us the real you

  3. Make the complex plain

  4. Connect with peoples emotions

  5. Don’t flaunt your ego

  6. Don’t sell your self, connect.

  7. Feel free and fearless

  8. Stop living your story

  9. You will end on time, stop worrying about it and start living.

  10. This is not a dress rehearsal

Hope you enjoyed this short post as much as I have reminiscing about TEDxBrum, find out more at

Take care 


ps leave your comments or alternative commandments below

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