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What’s your A.I.M. In life?

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This is the first article I ever wrote, and I still get daily enquiries about the way to apply it to life.


What’s your AIM in life?

By Deepak Lodhia

Have you ever been asked the question, “What’s your aim in life?” It’s quite a powerful question because it is a pretty direct and incisive way to ascertain what your purpose in life is and what you aim to achieve. I decided to break down the question further to create a better understanding. What I created has become known as the ‘Lodhia Model’. “What is your AIM in life?” Or should I say, what is your Awareness, Intention, and Motion through emotion, in life?

“What?” I hear you say. Let’s take each of these in turn so I can explain…

What is your Awareness? They say awareness changes everything, and only when you become aware can you change anything. So…

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