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What’s truly in your heart?

What's truly in your heart?

“Hell is other people,” so said Sartre. What a way to start the day! If this is our perception of others, even if it is just one other, then we can expect both the people and the day to be hell. We all know how fast expectations can become self-fulfilling prophecies. We seem to forget that other people are always in two places at once – out there and in our heads. And if we decide others are hell we therefore create hell for ourselves in our own heads. So let’s do a little work, not too much, and transform our own vision. What do you prefer hell or heaven? When heaven is other people we will know our transformation is complete. Remember, everyone has a little piece of heaven inside their heart. Have you found yours? If not then start in your head, practice perceiving heaven in other people and let the day be heavenly. You will be amazed what comes out of your heart when you make this little effort with your head.~ Bhrama Kumari

By the way that’s my son’s first firewalk at 3 months!

Talk about a guy that lives from the heart, he is someone who will inspire others to be more, do more and have more!

Take care


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