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What are you resisting?

What are you resisting?

We have a tendency to make significant choices in our lives and then forget that we actually made the choice. Work is such a choice. If we forget to choose the work we do then each day of our life can easily be an experience of continuous reluctance. Would you choose to live your life reluctantly? Every time you use the words ‘have to’ you are telling the universe you would rather not be where you are and you’d rather not do what you are doing at that moment. And if you keep thinking in this way in one area of your life, it becomes a habitual thought pattern which you soon find turning up in your attitude every where in your life. And if you keep thinking, feeling, saying and living with this pattern of reluctance you can be absolutely sure the universe will eventually grant your recurring wish. But you will like the result even less. Nothing positive, fulfilling or empowering was ever created with the energy of reluctance. Don’t be reluctant about anything in your life today. Re-affirm your presence and your choices every day.

Learn to let go of the past so you can move on! Sometimes you need feedback so see how well things are going, remember that the results you generate on the outside and a measure of whats really going on inside. If you really want rapid feedback, check out your bank account, does it truly reflect your potential?

If not, then it’s time to find out why and make the move don’t you think?

See you there!


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