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The way of the peaceful warrior…


The first step in this is doing some real soul-searching to find out what has made you peaceless in the first place. Turning your mind within allows you to discover, underneath the many surfaced emotions of everyday life, a deep, undisturbed pool of spiritual well-being. You need to explore that part of the self, not just to understand it, but to experience it again and again. This is a very satisfying experience, one that refreshes the soul and fills it with peace. From this vantage point, it becomes easy to recognise the kind of thoughts and feelings which are self-destructive.

The power of self-realisation will work wonders in transforming these destructive mental habits. You will stop blaming others for your peacelessness, and get on with the work of cultivating your truth. This is the way of the peaceful warrior, I look forward to seeing you on the path.



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