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The Universal Laws Training Day!!

The Universal Laws Training Day!!

What could thought possibly have to do with Cause and Effect?

Cause and Effect, also known as Sowing and Reaping, and Karma, is like all universal law, extremely important to comprehend if you are to learn to attract the Abundance and Happiness that you desire into your life. Like all other universal laws that have been put into place by the Source of everything, the Law of Cause and Effect is unchanging, unwavering, deliberate, and precise in it’s application and delivery. It, like all of the other Universal Laws , knows no prejudice and delivers in exact accordance the same to all, regardless of belief, age, gender, origin, or religion. Unlike man made law, the Law Of Cause and Effect is inescapable and delivers back to you, the results of whatever you give to the universe, which is dependent only on whatever action or inaction you choose to take. (or not take) The simplest way to develop an understanding of this principle, is by utilizing an analogy, such as the growing of a plant. Like any life on earth, a seed (cause) must first exist in order for anything to enter into and experience life. For the sake of our example, we will refer to a sunflower seed. First of all the seed (cause) must be planted. It is taken and placed in the soil. Within an unspecified amount of time, due to varying conditions such as the quality of the soil, weather conditions, etc., the seed begins the process of growth by first breaking out of it’s covering or shell and forms initially as a sprout. With the proper nurturing (sun and water) the sprout makes it’s way through the soil and begins to grow upward toward the sun. (source) Eventually the sprout reaches through the soil it is covered with, and begins to expand it’s reach by way of growing additional cells within it’s trunk causing it to grow in diameter so that it has the ability to support it’s own weight as it begins to reach upward to the sun. In a matter of a very short time span it has grown to full maturity and reaches an average height of 7-8 ft. tall. This process, obvious to most, is the Law of Cause and Effect (sowing and reaping) in action. Not complicated at all, but extremely simple in it’s design, and as certain, exact, precise, and methodical as the law of gravity. Understanding this, the outcome becomes predictable. The only thing that could possibly keep the sunflower seed from developing into maturity, would be if the nurturing of the seed were taken away. In this case sun, and water. Since the process described above is certain, exact, precise, methodical, and predictable, and will not change or vary, then it ( Cause and Effect ) doesn’t change or waver whether it is the sunflower seed described, an acorn, which produces the Oak tree, or a crabgrass seed that produces those pesky little clumps of weed type grass that invade your lawn each year. The seed that is planted can only produce, and must produce, the type of plant that the seed was designed to grow, and must grow into that, assuming that it had not been deprived of the essential nurturing process, in the case of plants, the sun and water. OK, enough about plants…….. Now Let’s Get Into The Exciting Stuff! Cause and Effect is not only limited to the growing of plants but is also the exact same process that determines and produces the results that we experience in our lives on a day to day basis. The Law Of Cause and Effect is at work everywhere, always, and in anything and everything. Just as with the example above, the Law of Cause and Effect acts in a precise and specific manner in your day to day life, and all things, both seen (physical) and unseen (spiritual) are subject to it’s certainty. Understanding this, let’s look at another form of seed that we may not give conscious thought to everyday. You may have picked up on the fact that the above sentence contains the name of the seed we are going to discuss. What is it? You guessed it, Thought What could thought possibly have to do with Cause and Effect? Since thought has no apparent measurable physical structure, it is considered to be spiritual. You can’t see it, smell it, touch it, taste it, or even feel it, but we know it exists. It exists only as a vibration.

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