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The Story within the story


Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was trapped inside a prison with invisible walls. To pass the time, she would blow bubbles from a small bottle of bubble mixture she had been given by a great wizard. With practice, she became quite skilled at blowing larger and larger bubbles, and when they caught the light just so she could lose herself in their reflective beauty for hours at a time, imagining herself inside, carried away from her lonely prison.

Since she had nothing but time, she decided to build a bubble machine that would blow bubbles for her without her even having to do anything to make it happen. At first, this seemed like a wonderful thing, but as more and more bubbles were being created, she found herself increasingly overwhelmed by all that she could see.

Some bubbles still gave her the feeling of freedom she would have when she imagined herself outside the prison walls, but others began to scare her as she would imagine herself trapped inside forever or falling to her death when the bubble burst. She tried to avoid looking at the scary bubbles and only focus on the ones that made her happy, but it was an endless task, and in the end she would just get tired and fall back asleep.

One day, almost drowning in an ocean of bubbles, she had a sudden insight. Instead of trying to sort through the bubbles, she could turn off the machine that was creating them. 

With a burst of hopeful energy, she looked away from the bubbles and back towards the machine. It was difficult to see, but she felt her way until she found the switch.

For a time, it seemed like it hadn’t worked, as old bubbles continued to float around her and almost suffocate her with their presence. But sooner than she thought possible, the bubbles dissipated until only a few remained. It reminded her of when she had first begun blowing bubbles, and how beautiful they were, and how easy it was to lose yourself in their reflected light.

As the last bubble popped, she looked out through the invisible walls of her prison and a new thought occurred to her, one that she had never thought before. What if the walls of her prison weren’t invisible? What if they were imaginary? What if there were no walls at all?

Tentatively at first, she reached out past the edge of her world until she discovered to her delight that there was no edge to her world. And she laughed and she cried and she laughed again, for she realized she was already home. And she lived happily ever after…



ps I hope you get the story within the story!

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