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The modern day mantra is killing you

No matter how busy we are, it’s good to make a little extra effort to connect with the people in our lives. It can be something as easy as sharing a joke, a laugh, a smile, or getting together for a meal, a walk, a coffee…. Being fully present and making the effort to connect with the people in our lives, enhances our relationships. Time to get out your head and back into your heart.

But always remember to be gentle, real gentleness in a person is a great power. The power that sees, understands, but never interferes. Like the branch of the tree, just touching the earth but never taking root in it. Never to take root in someone else’s mind but to help, that’s gentleness. Be brave, stop the madness of quicker, faster, cheaper, better and go out and connect deeply with your loved ones. Love Deepak

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