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The missing element

Imagine the future stretching out before you and try to notice if you feel any tension or overwhelm at the prospect of the journey still to come. Perhaps you have recently made a lifestyle change, like beginning a new diet or quitting smoking, and the idea of continuing this healthy new behavior for years seems daunting. Maybe you have started a new job or are newly married and can feel an undercurrent of anxiety about your ability to succeed. If you can shift your focus from what may happen years down the line and return it to the day that is before you right now, you may find a measure of calm and renewed confidence in your capabilities. You may also discover an inner faith that the future will take care of itself, but to get that level of faith you need Vision, Skills, incentives (your why), inner resources and an Action Plan!

Each element plays its part in making change happen, and the amazing thing is that it can happen in an instant!

Are you missing an element? (I so wanted to write elephant and see if anyone noticed!!).

Take care


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