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The Law of Cause and Effect

So How Do You Utilize This Precise And Certain Law Of Cause And Effect To Bring You The Abundance You Desire?

Let’s take a look at that now

Now that you have a clear understanding that whatever acts you perform are subject to a precise reaction or process, ( Cause and Effect ) you can then make a conscious choice as to what thoughts you think and which actions you take, (or not take) and limit them to only those which will produce what you want into your life.

So how do you know which actions to choose? Quite simply, by only choosing those things (thoughts, words, and actions) that are in alignment with whatever it is that you are trying to attract.

As an example, if you are trying to attract a certain amount of money within a specified period of time, based on the precise and unwavering truths of Cause and Effect,(sowing and reaping) you wouldn’t want to consistently repeat to yourself either out loud or through your internal thought process, “I don’t have the money. I don’t have the money.” Or, “There’s no way I can have that amount of money in that amount of time!” Your thoughts, (the seed) will return to you exactly the harvest in relation to the seeds that you planted. In this case, not having the money.

By the same token, you have the ability and the choice to focus your mind to consciously and consistently focus on and change your thoughts, words, and actions to be in alignment with having exactly the amount of money that you want, which in turn establishes a belief, (faith) and the money that you asked for cannot fail to materialize. It is absolutely impossible!

This is the Law Of Cause and Effect in action.

In this case the thought represents the seed, and the preceding thoughts, words, and actions represent the nurturing of that seed, like the sun and water were the nurturing factor for the sunflower seed in the above example.

With the proper nurturing they have to grow!

If you are intentionally making an honest and focused effort to produce the results that you want, but stray thoughts pop up that contradict your intention, (and undoubtedly they will initially) they represent the weeds of the desired outcome and will effect that outcome until you weed them out.

It is important that you learn to gain control of those thoughts and weed them out so that you are utilizing the law of Cause and Effect to produce the results you want and not that which you don’t want.

The good news is, you do have the ability to get control of and change those thoughts by utilizing the mind power that you have been provided with.

The only possible thing that can stand in the way of you receiving your desires is you. It is up to you to make the conscious choice to change your thoughts, words, and actions which, with repetition, establishes the belief in your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind (spiritual consciousness) then releases into the atmosphere and emanates those vibrations of the thing desired which attracts to it, the events, people, circumstances, and situations that allow it to manifest or occur. You only have to be receptive to them. It is important to expect them and look for them as they occur. Believe me, if you will follow this process, They will come!

The unwavering and predictable Law of Cause and Effect established by the Source of everything that is, guarantees it!

As simple as the law of Cause and Effect is, I know for some it may seem like a stretch to absorb it’s truth and wonder about it’s flawless operation. Many, many thousands before you have been in the same place (myself included) and wondered if the answers can really be this simple. From personal experience I can tell you, They Are!

All that you need to do to realize this awesome power is allow it to happen. No force is necessary on your part and will actually negate the process.

When you can learn to let go and allow the undeniable Universal Laws created by the Source of all that is, do for you what they were created to do, you will have come into a power that you had never realized existed.

If you are just beginning the process of making a conscious effort to change the circumstances in your life, I realize that the information can seem overwhelming to some.

Many have been programmed by the world to believe that anything in life, in order to be so life changing, must be extremely complicated. It Is Not. If you will absorb and implement the tools and principles presented to you on this site, you will experience dramatic and profound changes in your life! The time it takes is totally dependent on your personal situation, as well as the effort that you put into implementing those changes. For some, the results are very fast, and for others it takes a bit more time. You only need to allow these things to happen.

Becoming familiar with the Law of Cause and Effect as well as the other Universal laws is a huge first step in learning to become a creator of circumstance rather than a creature of circumstance.

Just developing the knowledge of Cause and Effect will not produce any change in your life. Without application knowledge is useless.

Learn to apply the information provided to you and you will begin to experience a life above and beyond your wildest expectations.

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