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The Law of Cause and Effect


The only thing that limits anyone from accomplishing anything that they can conceive is a missing ingredient from the following equation.

Awareness x Belief x Desire x Action = Unlimited Capability

Not a complicated formula, but extremely simple as everything that we already have within us!

The Law of Cause and Effect states that any action produces or returns a result in exact proportion to, or greater than, the act which initiated it. So you can be the Cause of your life or at the effect of it!

You may have the Awareness that something needs to change or happen.

You may even Believe it is totally possible.

You may even have the absolute Desire for the result.

But without that last piece of the puzzle, your results are not going to manifest in the form you require.

My moto has been- ” Don’t put your ideas on a pedestal, put them into action!”

It came about because I was one who had some amazing ideas, I would come up some fantastic creative ideas and then do nothing and wonder why I didn’t achieve anything with them as they were brilliant. It’ was only when I applied the laws of Cause and Effect that my life changed and so did the results!

If you like my moto and it’s works for you, then please do adopt it too, you’ll be surprised at what is possible. 

Just a quick note, I am doing my last Universal laws of Abundance training day on the 15th of September (for this year). if you want to know more then please have a look at the link below.

I look forward to seeing you at the event.

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