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The First Rule of Fight Club


The first rule of fight club is don’t talk about fight club, why?In Chuck Palahniuk’s movie tends to contradict modern thinking and social media based broadcasting of our lives and experiences of expressing who we are. This is probably one of the most under estimated movies of all times, it challenges you in striping away each layer of the ideas of your identity slowly and deeply asking “Who are you?” So why could we not talk about it, it’s because if you spoke your journey to someone who was not “in the club”, they would not understand and maybe think that you are a bit cuckoo.


It’s true, You are not your job

You are not the amount of money you have.

You are not the content of your wallet.

You are not your body.

You are not your name, qualifications, achievements, or possessions. In fact everything you own, owns you!

So who are you?

“It seems that only after you have lost everything that we are free to do anything”, but really is that what you want to do? There is a short cut by quick you can shorten the time required to get the results, meaning less pain. It’s called Emotional Mastery Retreat, you can have the insight and ask the question “Who are you?”


This also gives you the opportunity to begin to answer the question and if we were to re-write the rules for the year 2016, then it would be this- The First Rule of Emotional Mastery is Talk about Emotional Mastery – so that we may spread the light and awaken others not to brag but to help raise the consciousness of humanity as a whole.



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