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The edge to your limits!

‎”Set a goal to become a MILLIONAIRE for what it will make of you to achieve it”.Do it for the skills you have to learn and the person you have to become.Do it for what you will end up knowing about the market place,about society,about business,about government,about taxes,about management of time,and about working with other people.Do it for the ability of keeping your egos in check,what you have

to learn about being benevolent,being kind as well as being strong and becoming an accomplished person to reach the status of millionaire.What you have to do to get there is more valuable then the money.You can give away the money as whats important is not the dollars and the sterling but the person you become.”Be blessed and then share your blessings.Enjoy and bring joy to the world!!! Jim Rohn

Ok, ok look this is amazing for any human being, but Felix in his interview said that he is doing nothing extraordinary just trying to find his limits!

Watch the interview here Hope you are having an amazing day!

Take care


Deepak Lodhia

You can have Fulfillment, Productivity and Profit.

“Purpose creates an opportunity for value creation. Passion follows purpose. Passion creates energy, money is attracted to energy.”

International Speaker, Author and Coach

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