Stand out from the Crowd by Cathleen Fillmore


“When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.”- Charles Evans Hughes

As a professional speaker, trainer, or coach, you need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.  It’s not enough to choose a lane or add more credentials. 

Here’s how to write outstanding copy.

  1. Use ‘alive’ words that evoke a visual image.

Here are some magnetic words: brilliant, mother lode, flight plan, hidden asset, step-by-step, promise, solid, golden, opportunity, super, foundation, hands-on, intensive, high achievers, formula, etc.   Mix and match these words to create your marketing material.

Some words that are tired are: success, performance, institution, individual, unique, effective, recommendation, unfortunate, regrettably, edifice, etc.   Feel the difference in your energy after reading the lists.

Make your prospect feel  not think.  The impulse to buy is through feeling rather than logic which kicks in later.

  1. Make every word carry its own weight.  Don’t use many shiny words, they will compete with each other for prominence.

It strengthens writing to say things concisely.  Writing that’s over-stated or too earnest is boring. Don’t give your prospect too much to remember.    

  1. Have a tagline that’s memorable

Your tagline needs to signify exactly what you stand for.  So rather than an elevator ‘speech’, think of an elevator ‘pitch’.

  1. Make a big (credible) promise to the buyer

Tiny promises worked years ago but not today.  Make a big promise that you yourself would respond to.  If you’re not excited about it, it will be hard for you to sell. 

  1. Be clear about what you have to offer

Get clear about what you’re offering, how you’re offering it (via seminars, speeches, webinars) and what action you want the prospect to take.   If you’re not clear, your message isn’t either.

  1. Speak directly to your prospect in a conversational tone

People have defenses against a sales pitch but not against a friend.  Be a friend who understands the difficulties they’re dealing with and knows the solution. 

  1. Have a strong call to action. 

Usually the best call to action with higher ticket items is a sign up for a free webinar or article or a request for more information. 

  1. Test your material. 

If you don’t get the response you expected, try a different headline and measure your response.  Continually review and update your material.

Copy is King! 

Cathleen Fillmore owns Speakers Gold bureau and is a marketing consultant to speakers. She can be reached at or by calling 416-532-9886.

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