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Spiritual Leadership Starts…


Leadership is based on values like pure feelings, faith and trust. These keep both your frame of mind and the task moving in the right direction. It is human to err, but your high hopes for someone can actually eliminate errors. Doubting people exactly has the opposite effect. Believing in someone, extending feelings of trust, never telling people what to do but stepping aside and watching, with faith.

This is what enables a task to get done in the right way. Spiritual Skills like these are cultivated by avoiding complacency, learning to be sensitive and staying alert. Keep an eye on your own spiritual health, don’t look to others for whatever is lacking, look within, see what remains to be done and do it. Never allow those with a strong personality to tell you what to do especially when you feel something else to be right. This creates depression and you can’t afford to be disheartened.

Take care of yourself with understanding and love making sure that you never compromise your own spiritual growth.

Love Deepak

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