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So, who are you?


So, who are you? Or what are you? Are you what you do – as defined by your job title? Are you where you come from, as defined by your nationality? If you were born in a stable does that make you a horse? Are you what people call you – as defined by your name? Are you what you believe – as defined by what you call your faith? If none of these things are what you are, what are you? Who are you? There’s nothing left. So what shall we call you? Nothing? No thing is better. But then what? Awareness? Consciousness? Soul? Spirit? Or are these just more labels? But can you go beyond the label and just be yourself? Self. Individual. Aware. Conscious. Free. Self. That’s what you are. Try telling that to passport control!

Who am I?

I am the possibility of Love, Integrity, Generosity, Happiness and Transformation. = L.I.G.H.T

Love to you all, Deepak (Deepak means little lamp or light)

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