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Seven ways to increase you heart consciousness!


Seven ways to increase your heart consciousness

1. Find comfort in discomfort. You may think being comfortable is the place to be, actually there is no growth in this place. Life really begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

2. Challenge your ego. You need to be aware of when your ego begins to take control, challenge it at every opportunity but make friends with it and not enemies.

3. Let go of your past. You don’t live there any more, it does not exist anymore.

4. Let go of your future. You are not there yet, it does not exist yet.

5. Listen to your body. Your body will never lie to you, and if you don’t where will you live?

6. Listen to your heart. Your heart will always show you the right way for you.

7. The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything. Be conscious of everything you do, as your habits will expose you and will show up unconsciously.

Take care, Deepak

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