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Serious case of FTI


The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.

I asked some really close friends about what they would like to see in my blog, and the answer was quite unanimous! They wanted tools, tips and techniques of how to live more productive , profitable and fulfilled lives. So I have decided this is what I will be sharing, so if you know anyone who would appreciate this, please do direct them here.

So do you have a serious case of FTI?

Worse still did you know it can go undetected for years costing you thousands of pounds, leading to unnecessary suffering. It’s probably the most understated disease in mankind right now.

Here’s how you diagnose it: Have you ever made a plan, and never followed it? Have you ever been on a course, learnt some amazing ideas, and never actioned them? Have you ever felt your purpose call you and you never responded?

Then you have a FTI or to give it it’s full name – FAIlURE TO IMPLEMENT !

Treatment is easy if you are brave enough to take the first steps. Step 1. Get a coach, mentor or someone who is willing to kick you butt! Step 2. Get back in integrity with yourself. Step 3. Don’t put your ideas on a pedestal , put them into ACTION

Take care Deepak

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