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Secrets of a Professional Speaker


Hey Guys,

Sorry for this blanket email, but I have to get this message out quick! One of the top professional speakers in the UK has made a big bold claim, and I am following it up and holding him to it!

BTW- I get nothing for helping get the right people to his event, other that the satisfaction that I helped raise money for an amazing charity and I will be sitting next to you!

He is doing a”One time only” event in which he is going to reveal How to get paid to Speak How to get lucrative contracts and agreements How to bring clients in by the droves How to plan and market yourself , so you can make a living doing what you love and sharing your message!

First key point, he is doing this out of pure love and commitment, that all proceeds are going to charity. Second key point, he knows that times are tough for people starting out, so instead of charging thousands of pounds, he is giving it away at £75.00 Third key point, he knows he could have 500 people in the room at the drop of a hat, he is keeping it to 20 people so you can get real value and ask those questions, you have always wanted to know but were afraid to ask!

Now, i know that two places are gone already, and it’s going out to lots of people- so you need to let me know asap so I can forward your details to him in time. One of them is mine!

Date is 20th of July- FRIDAY!!! Location Wednesbury, Birmingham way Price £75.00 Places left at time of email 18!


Thank you for your time!

Deepak Lodhia

Decisions Shape your Destiny, Allow me to help you make the right one!

International Speaker, Author and Coach

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