Ready to make a difference?


“Love is a feeling of givingness with no thought of receiving any return for it.”– Lester Levenson

Are you up for making a difference by doing something small? Well an amazing friend of mine David Hyner invited me to do just that so I have, and I would love for you to join me in contributing to changing the world one small step at a time!

The charity- Wonder Years Centre of Excellence, has set up a major project in Africa, Have a look here for details:

To give you an idea of a difference your £1 or $1 could make, have a look at this video from David himself.

The idea is to get people like you and me to donate the small un-miss-able sum of £1 or $1 each month and make a MAJOR difference to lots of young lives and know that you are helping create a Legacy!

Please do make the right decision, and to make it more interesting if you make a major silly donation and email me the receipt I will give you a copy of my Pearls of Zen mind programming software worth £175 with my compliments and best wishes.

Lets CHALLENGE your thoughts.

Lets CHANGE the world

Lets CREATE a new perspective

Lets CONTRIBUTE from the soul and this LEGACY.

Thank you in advance


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