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Ready to Give up The Struggle?

“If you value struggle, then you will keep on struggling!”

I was asked a few days ago to deliver a talk about “ The Abundance Mindset “ to a corporate client in which I talked about a few new concepts that I have not shared before; such as: • The Genius Gene • The Money Thermostat • The True reason for Leadership One area I mentioned from my research that really hit home was the inherent idea that for something to be “worthwhile, Important, Life changing or of any significant value” then a struggle had to be involved!

I asked the group of very highly educated and well versed in personal development, if any of them were experiencing struggle right now and guess what every single hand in the room went up!

I asked them if “Struggle” was one of their values, and again every single hand went up!

By the end of the talk and a standing ovation (which is rare in these events) I asked them to complete an evaluation/ feedback form and to my surprise every single form had the words, “I want to give up struggling!”

You see on of the things I am going to be sharing is the concept of effortless success; I say the word concept because it is an idea until you put it into action! The component’s of effortless success include: • The Importance of Uncovering your passion! • The Importance of Overcoming fears and Obstacles! • The Importance of Living from Wisdom! • The Importance of Contributing to something bigger than yourself! Plus four more parts which I will be sharing at the next Universal Laws of Abundance training day on the 15th of September, which will be my last one of this type for 2012.

The cost £154 for a Diamond Ticket and £209 for a VIP Ticket, if you book in the next seven days you will also receive a goody pack worth £175.00 of Mind programming software to help develop an abundant mindset. Also, All VIP tickets get a 121 with me personally to help them!

Also, just to let you know my personal mentoring course, the Warriors Path is ready and starting in January 2013, it will be open to only 12 members by application only. If you want any details or an application form, please email me at

Lots of love


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