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Purpose, Passion and Principles……….

“I believe it is crucial to be self-aware enough to be able to articulate our One Thing :

I. Who am I and what am I here for? What is the One Thing I am supposed to accomplish in my life, and what does that mean for me right now? That is, what is today’s One Thing connected to my big One Thing?

II. What is my Purpose? How do I take my One Thing and activate it in the world?

III. What am I Passionate about and how can I do more of that?

IV. What do I value, and how can I develop these Principles so they define my character for the rest of my life?

Mastery over the self is somewhat difficult if you don’t have clarity on these questions. The answer to these questions is what gives you direction in life. If you don’t know yourself, what are you supposed to do besides just get by? Lack of meaning and purpose is a major cause of despair and despondency in the world. Some will stumble upon a vague sense of purpose in their professional lives. Others have their purpose shown to them early in life and are well into fulfilling it in their twenties. I have found that the vast majority of my students cannot clearly articulate their purpose and are deeply moved when they uncover it.” This explains the whole human experience of self discovery, the question is, where are you on this journey?



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