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Nigel Risner- The IMPACT code!


“Good enough seldom is!”

Strong words from Nigel on this call in which he shared some very insightful and powerful messages on how to create a real IMPACT in your communication with anyone whether its a one to one or like Nigel one to Five thousand! You will get to hear all about his signature “dish” The Impact code. Nigel also shared about seven specific key points that if you unravel them, your will gain access to a greatly improved productivity and profitability whilst serving your purpose. Nigel has a very unique skill of taking the complex and making it simple enough for you to understand and deep enough to challenge you to your core!

Here is the first challenge if you dare to email him and just say hi- he will in return send you a free gift! ( you have to listen to the call to find out what it is!)

The second challenge, if you take up the offer of The Speakers Bootcamp, just for listening to this and mentioning it at the time of booking, he will give you £100 off the price. This is not for the faint hearted, Nigel will reveal his business setup and it’s nearly sold out!

The third challenge if you are ready to up your presentations skills, then Nigel will give you a £100 off the course as well as the other bonuses just for listening to the call!

Just in case you are wondering what the IMPACT code is all about, you can get a copy right here and I would hurry as Amazon have 30% off this title right now!!


Just incase you are wondering who Nigel is:

Nigel Risner is a human development specialist and peak performance coach, whose high-energy message leads individuals and organisations to incredible success. He delivers over a hundred talks a year in his unique, energetic style to corporations and associations such as The Academy for Chief Executives, The Institute of Directors, Royal Bank of Scotland, HSBC, T-Mobile, Asda, BP and many others. “Speaker of the Year 2005” The Academy for Chief Executives and Vistage Here is the recording!

I look forward to meeting you at the bootcamp. Don’t put your ideas on a pedastal, put them into ACTION!

Take care Deepak

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