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Lighten up!!

Many a philosophical debate arrives at the bottom line – are we naturally the way we are or is it nurtured? Are we all pure in heart, but blinded by the impurities of the world? Are we all enlightened souls who have simply succumbed to illusion? Most of us have an intuitive response which seems to acknowledge that there is goodness in everyone, it’s simply sometimes hard to see. As we look at ourselves maybe we even find it hard to see the good in ourselves. Perhaps we’ve been taught to see only the dark, the negative. Perhaps we grew up with others whose vision always landed on the negative. But who would choose to live in the darkness? Who would choose to be a negative person? Who would choose pessimism? Probably very, very few, if only we could see the choice. That’s why it is essential you find the good, however small within yourself, tend to it, nurture it, nourish it – just as you would the plants in your garden. When you focus on the good, the positive within yourself, you give it life, you give it permission to grow and to be restored to your nature. The good has been there all along, simply out of your inner sight, out of your awareness. Some say ‘get a life’ but this is how to give a life. This is how to give life back to yourself! Or do you prefer to live in the dark?

Let there be Light!



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