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Interview with Mala Shah

Mala is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, NLP coach and a business woman. She is of Indian origin, born in Kenya, and grew up in United Kingdom. She studied at Birkbeck College where she achieved BSc in Psychology. She believes that ‘Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it’. In 2007 she left her position at one of the top banks in UK to start her own business of mentoring coaching and training. Mala’s unique style of coaching, leadership and management skills led her to create her own model called “C.I.P”, which was launched in her recent book. “Breaking Free: overcoming Self-Sabotage” Mala’s vision is to inspire women by doing and showing that one can achieve whatever one decides to do. She has defied odds, co-written three books in less than 6 months and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. She volunteers her time to several organizations and is available as a speaker worldwide.

In this No holes barred interview, we talk about Self Sabotage and your mission to success.

Find out more about Mala at

Take care Deepak

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