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Interview with Dawnna St.Louis


“Break the Rules , Be the Exception!”

You will never guess what HIGHLY MOTIVATIONAL POWERHOUSE SPEAKER’s voice used to fill the air in Dawnna’s life as a child! She said “He was like an uncle with a really big mouth. Now everyone knows him. People say I am lucky now but back then, I used to think… SHUT UP.”

In this interview Dawnna also reveals a secret about her past that most would never guess. You will also discover how she turned devastating life events into power with a simple change in perspective.

Ok, So who is Dawnna St.Louis, well you will hear that she is my newest old friend! I say that because in the first 2 minutes of this interview I felt like I had know Dawnna all my life and we were just old friends catching up after a break in communication. You know what i mean, when you call up your best friend after a long break because of the usual life excuses that we make and it feels just like you had spoken to them just yesterday, well thats how it felt!

What they say about Dawnna is, She brings the perfect combination of Tony Robbins’ motivation and Steve Jobs’ business savvy with a her own brand of engaging humor. She then creates a unique whole audience experience that not only drives a message home but actually gets your team out of their seats, into the action, and moving forward long after the event is over.Your team will overcome self-limiting beliefs, innovate beyond the octagon (thinking outside the box is so old), and defy what the critics say is possible. Don’t be surprised to find an executive happily scooting across the stage or your entire team dancing in the aisles.

What do I say, well She is as they describe and then some!!! Her enigmatic charm and down to earth realness show up in the way she openly shares everything about her work, before I say too much have a listen for yourself right here:

Find out more about the book here:


I hope you really enjoyed this post as much I did creating it. If you have any specfic questions you would like to ask any of our guests, please do email me: and I will gladly put them to the guests.

So don’t put your ideas on a Pedestal, Put them into ACTION! Take care


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