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Interview with Baiju Solanki

The refined impression you glean from your experiences after contemplating their significance can add a new richness and texture to your life.

This is my experience of my friend and colleague Mr Baiju Solanki, His strap line is very simple – ” Be yourself, Perform Better!” I believe that you can’t get much better advice than that!

Here is the result of a fascinating insight into Baiju and his work in the interview below. How would I describe him? Well, where do I start? Apart from his lengthy qualifications, as a performance psychologist, his niche is Entrepreneurship which he exemplifies in his work, life and attitude or as I call him a serial entrepreneur.

His book “I’m an Entrepreneur, get me out of here!” is a must for anyone thinking of starting there own business as it show the journey of Eleven very different entrepreneurs who made that transition. It’s available from amazon here:

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