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Ice Vice Baby………….


Excellent article by the Bhrama Kumaris, I thought I would share it:

We are all essentially made of virtue. Even the baddest person in the world will find time to do something good…at least once a year. If you conducted a straw poll on peoples preferences between peace and conflict the result would be predictable. The deepest meaning of human relationships isn’t hate, it’s love – we know that because we all seek it, and occasionally give it! But virtue is not so popular in these days of cynicism and disrespect. Vice is way out ahead in the world of human affairs. Lying, stealing, cheating, killing and insulting can be found at all levels of every society. Why? What made virtue lose its fashion, why did we collectively decide to surrender ourselves to vicious ways of living. Could it be down to one simple belief – survival of the fittest? Could it be the birth of desire and possession? Could it be that we started to think that we might not get what we wanted, or lose what we had? Could it be that we found others acting towards us in ways which were far from loving and caring? Probably yes to all of those as they are all interconnected. But we still have a choice and that choice will define the quality of our life – virtue or vice? Harmony or conflict? Love or fear? If we did not have that choice we would not be unique, individual beings with opportunity to know and exercise our free will. But seriously, if virtue and vice were standing trial and you were in the jury, who would you vote for. Which one would you ice? So make your choice and live your choice, it is much more relaxing. You did vote for virtue didn’t you?

Take care Love Deepak

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