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Do you want to be happy?….

Have you ever noticed how we spend our life pursuing happiness and completely mistake it for sorrow? It’s true, everything you do is motivated by the desire to attain a moment of happiness. Spend a few moments reflecting and you will see. And yet what we consume in order to be happy is very often sorrow! We often rate a good movie by the amount of violence and destruction. The scriptwriters know we will surrender our emotional state to the emotions of the characters, and then enjoy the rollercoaster journey between elation and depression, love and fear. And in the end they have convinced us to say “wonderful, loved every minute”. And then listen to the music we buy – is it uplifting, does it empower us? Does it encourage our spirit to soar high, free and happy. Not a chance. We hear the music of melancholy, and the lyrics of suffering and pain dressed as love and fulfilment. But the illusion is now so powerful that many of you, as you read this, will be resisting the idea already, convinced that the music you love is uplifting and inspiring. How can violence, depression, sadness and pain uplift and inspire? How can you get happiness out of sorrow? Wakey Wakey!!



#Clarity #Happiness #saddness

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