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Diving into the unknown….


In many ways, not knowing what the future has in store brings out in us the qualities we need to grow. For example, it would have been difficult to commit yourself to certain people or projects if you knew they wouldn’t ultimately work out. Yet, it was through your commitment to see them through that you experienced the lessons you needed to grow. Looking back on your life, you would likely be hard pressed to say that anything in your past should not have happened. In fact, your most challenging experiences with their inevitable lessons may have ultimately brought you the greatest rewards. Not knowing the future keeps us just where we need to be—fully committed and in the present moment.

Ready to dive into the unknown?

On a personal note, my wife and I are pleased to announce the birth of our daughter Jaya, so if you find that I have not posted in a while it’s because I’m spending all my free time with my baby girl and being as present to her as possible. This is a real dive into the unknown for us, and I’m sure you will join us in welcoming Jaya into the world.

Love Deepak

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