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Decide on the what and the how will show up… by Nigel Risner


Decide on the what and the how will show up… by Nigel Risner

Imagine if you can see sixteen anxious people sitting in a room being told the secrets of success and in the midst of all this someone suggests that we all write a book.

The Book Where do we start? Who is going to do what? What topics? All great questions but occasionally the how gets in the way of the bigger picture.

The Challenge Thirteen people agree to each write a chapter within 28 days so that the book can be published within 56 days. Can it be done? Naysayers will always find excuses. So how do you make it possible?

The Support System “You have to do it by yourself and you cannot do it alone” – Martin Rutte. What do I mean by this? Whenever we set goals the reason most people fail is that there is no support system and no one checking in on your progress even though we seem, at the time, to be determined. Everyone had a buddy system, phone calls were set up, email support available and low and behold progress commenced.

The Commitment I often share in seminars that I am not worried about people’s commitments however I am concerned how committed they are to their commitments. If you let someone else down whilst it may not be acceptable they have the option to forgive you when you let yourself down we are much tougher on ourselves and then lose faith in our own belief system.

The Result This week we finally saw the fruits of our labour when the book came back from the publishers and thirteen speakers goals were realised.

The Success This is sometimes down to other people and I hope that you will support us by clicking on the link below to see the bonuses that are available should you chose to make our dreams a reality.

The six step process shows start to finish how we made something that seemed impossible possible. What do you want to achieve and is your how getting in the way? Follow the system and there is a far better chance of you achieving your goals sooner rather than later.

Remember one year from now you wish you started today.