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Clarity Brings


Clarity brings a clear mind, and a clear mind is a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. An clear mind is never offended because it is free of any attachments. It is never the self that is offended but always the illusion that the self has of itself that is affected by insult! If you can really understand this, deeply grasp it’s truth, live it each day, then pain will be no more. Next time you “feel” offended look closely within yourself at yourself and ask yourself what was offended? If you remain aware you will see that it was only an image of yourself which you had become attached to, and that image did not resonate with the image contained in the insult. If you weren’t attached, if you didn’t identify with the wrong image of yourself then there would be no offence taken. You would then remain free and therefore happy.

As Jamie Smart puts it- “Think Less, Perform Better!”

Take care Deepak

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