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Book Review- “How to give the Perfect TED Talk!” by Akash Karia


Book Review of “How to give the perfect TED talk”- Presentation Secrets of the World’s Best Speakers by Akash Karia

This book gives you the SUCCESs checklist for creating a presentation of impact just like some of the most powerful TED talks.

The corner stones of the book are:

  1. Keep it Simple

  2. Illuminate the Unexpected

  3. Concentrate your message

  4. Make it Credible

  5. Share your self through Stories.

It is a simplified model of the TED commandments, but is a powerful model that can be used in every single presentation scenario especially in the business context for getting your idea across and making it stick. Beneath the cornerstones is a wonderful road map that will allow even a simple novice to compile, construct, write and deliver a powerful life changing talk.

As a TED speaker trainer, I highly recommend this to book to anyone aspiring to deliver at this level.

If you are interested in grabbing a copy for yourself, then go here:


By the way if you have not seen a TED talk yet have a look at , let me know which is your favourite!

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