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Become an Inspiring Speaker details!

My sincere apologies for posting the details on here, I had so many enquiries that I couldn’t answer every single one, so I have put the details here!

Presentation Skills Workshop with the one and only Nigel Risner – October 18th 2012

Speak in public – I would rather stick a pencil in my eye

The number one fear in the UK today is still speaking in public.

If you have ever wanted to get up in front of an audience or make a speech at a friend’s wedding this may just be this workshop may just be what you need!

In a safe environment, in small groups you will have the opportunity to learn to structure a speech, receive some feed forward and most of all gain the confidence to know it won’t hurt you.

A little background on communication styles can help us understand the issues and learn how to alter our approach to eventually make life a little easier for both parties.

Would you like you speak in public without worry and nerves?

Would you like a guaranteed method to grab the audience?

Would you like to finish your speech and receive a standing ovation?

Then this workshop is for you. 100% money back guarantee.

Email to secure your place.

About Nigel

As the only motivational speaker in Europe to have been awarded Speaker of the Year from both The Academy for Chief Executives and Vistage (formerly known as The Executive Committee), Nigel is a respected author, television presenter and a prolific speaker. He speaks with authority: his own life having veered perilously away from comfortable norms at times. He has learned – the hard way – that positive results can come from negative experiences, and that we often learn best from situations which are unfamiliar and even uncomfortable.

As one of the youngest CEO’s of a financial services company in the City of London, Nigel knows business as well as he knows life and more importantly he knows what it takes to lead a successful business! Unlike other motivational speakers or consultants, he has the ability to translate – with electrifying effect – that hands on experience into a coherent, compelling and exciting philosophy, which has made him one of Europe’s leading key note speakers and a powerful professional one-to-one coach to some of the world’s leading business executives.

Today he conducts more than 150 motivational seminars and corporate speaking engagements a year for an enormous variety of companies and organisations in Britain and overseas. When he isn’t travelling Nigel lives with his wife and two children in Hertfordshire.

Nigel is an accomplished author with many successful self-help books, CD collections and instructional guides to his credit. His books “You had me at Hello” – the new rules for better networking – and “It’s a zoo around here” – the new rules for better communication – have sold in their thousands and are literally transforming lives all around the world. His latest book The IMPACT Code is setting a new standard for self-help guides…this one actually works!

He continues to appear on prime time chat shows, such as Richard & Judy and makes many radio appearances all around the world.

So, I look forward to seeing you at the event!

Take care Deepak

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