Become an Inspiring Speaker details!

My sincere apologies for posting the details on here, I had so many enquiries that I couldn’t answer every single one, so I have put the details here!

Presentation Skills Workshop with the one and only Nigel Risner – October 18th 2012

Speak in public – I would rather stick a pencil in my eye

The number one fear in the UK today is still speaking in public.

If you have ever wanted to get up in front of an audience or make a speech at a friend’s wedding this may just be this workshop may just be what you need!

In a safe environment, in small groups you will have the opportunity to learn to structure a speech, receive some feed forward and most of all gain the confidence to know it won’t hurt you.

A little background on communication styles can help us understand the issues and learn how to alter our approach to eventually make life a little easier for both parties.

Would you like you speak in public without worry and nerves?

Would you like a guaranteed method to grab the audience?

Would you like to finish your speech and receive a standing ovation?

Then this workshop is for you. 100% money back guarantee.

Email to secure your place.

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