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7 steps to your Legacy


What is a legacy? What do you want people to say about your impact as a leader 10,20 or 30 years from now? What if legacy is the sum of all the outcomes resulting from your behaviour that others continue to remember about us, so how do you want to be remembered?

7 steps to help you get started: 1) Don’t delay- start now as there is never a right time to get started. 2)Start with your values- your values shape your behaviour hence your results. 3)Consider the impact of your actions- remember the impact will last long after you are gone. 4)Conquer your ego- a legacy shaped by ego can be quite distasteful and do more harm to your purpose than good. 5)Use your intuition- It will guide you to make the right decisions, know what is right and doing the right thing are very different things! 6)Test every thing- Test your legacy at every opportunity. 7)Decide who you are going to be- remember your a human BEING first.

Watch your legacy unfold.

Take care


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