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Feeling Overwhelmed?

If you would learn to meditate and thereby turn the eye of your attention and awareness within, if you would let your mind be quiet and allow your being to be still, you would rediscover, ‘as without, so within’. You would realize outer space is but a reflection of inner space. Love Deepak #Clarity #outside #meditation #still #inner #overwhelm

Been there, done what?……

We all have three eyes. Two for looking out and one for looking in. Why would we want to look in when everything is happening ‘out there’? Because the treasure we seek is inside, not outside. What is treasure? Beauty, truth, peace, happiness. You already have what you seek. You already are stunningly beautiful. You are already peaceful and loving. How come you don’t know this? Simple, you never look inwards, beyond superficial memories or recent experiences, so you never see

Haunted House……..

I have been called a spiritual story teller by many people that I have worked with or coached and even audiences that have attended my seminars and talks. The following is one of my favourites, It is adapted from a story I originally heard from Guy Finley who is amazing. The essence of the story really reveals the worth that we do and share, this may not be the way Guy shared it but the deeper truth is still there for you to find as you read it. Haunted House- A Spiritual Sto

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