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What you Give is ….

It’s a tough life. Some days its hard to get out of bed and get going. Why? How come our levels of enthusiasm seem to fall so easily? Why can’t we get ourselves motivated? Simple really. We try to break one of the spiritual laws. We are taught that winning and achieving is about getting and keeping, when the truth is that it is about giving. Winners are go givers not go-getters, and their definition of winning is not getting one over on the other guy, but overcoming their ine

The Law of Cause and Effect

The only thing that limits anyone from accomplishing anything that they can conceive is a missing ingredient from the following equation. Awareness x Belief x Desire x Action = Unlimited Capability Not a complicated formula, but extremely simple as everything that we already have within us! The Law of Cause and Effect states that any action produces or returns a result in exact proportion to, or greater than, the act which initiated it. So you can be the Cause of your life or

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