The Deeper the Root, The Sweeter the Fruit

The Deeper the Roots, The Sweeter the Fruits. Simple and elegant words that changed my day! Ok, here’s what happened I woke up with these words ringing in my ears literally as I fell asleep with my headphones on and my IPod playing. So, I decided to honour these words by seeing where in my life these run true, and it turns out that every area of my life which is successful has been due to an invested relationship. I wanted to thank you for being part of it. I know things r

The best that you can offer is…………..

Free yourself from forcing, expecting or wanting someone to receive what you think they should take – it could be your idea, opinion, or an opportunity you think they should accept – you can’t make anyone take anything – your own experience probably confirms this. Offer humbly. Offer gently. Offer as if you are a master, and then let go, and retire like a shy child. When you can dance the dance between being master and child, you’ll be surprised how much more others will acce