Interview with Dawnna St.Louis

“Break the Rules , Be the Exception!” You will never guess what HIGHLY MOTIVATIONAL POWERHOUSE SPEAKER’s voice used to fill the air in Dawnna’s life as a child! She said “He was like an uncle with a really big mouth. Now everyone knows him. People say I am lucky now but back then, I used to think… SHUT UP.” In this interview Dawnna also reveals a secret about her past that most would never guess. You will also discover how she turned devastating life events into power wit

Interview with Vinay Parmar “Mr BounceBackAbility!”

Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom.~George S. Patton In this extraordinary interview with “Mr BounceBackAbility!” Vinay Parmar, Vinay shares his heartfelt story of heart aches, tragedy and crisis that has lead to an amazing happy ending filled with success and a legacy. Get the book here and make a difference! or if you prefer kindle As you may have noticed throughout this interview Vinay talks about Legacy. January 2013 I will be offering a limited number of

Why Bears have Short Tails!

A long time ago, when animals trusted humans, Bears had long tails. One very cold winter, a bear was sitting hungry in his cave thinking of his stomach he ventured down to the humans house at the end of the stream. “The Humans never go hungry,” thought the bear as he knocked on the door. The man came to the door, looking a bit frightened he asked the bear what he wanted. The bear said he wanted the human to teach him how to fish in the frozen lake like a human so he won’t go

The Answers you seek!

I hope you find the answers you seek,have a great day. Take care Deepak #Lodhia #secret #move #Karma #courage #create #wisdom #creative #Mind #Beauty #Bliss #truth #Diamond #Hope

Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!

“True self-awareness, plus the ability to choose our perceptions of life, the universe and everything, is the basis of free will. Every situation and scene in front of us has so many possibilities in terms of how we perceive and interpret. If someone is 10% selfish and 90% generous what should we focus on, what should we perceive first within them? Most of us are now well trained to perceive and focus on the negative, the selfishness in others, and to follow it quickly with a

A Centred Mind!

“A mind at peace, a mind centered and not focused on harming others, is stronger than any physical force in the universe.” — Wayne Dyer So, what would bring your mind to the centre and at peace? Would a meditation help? Bring you to focus? Take care Deepak By the way if you leave a comment I may send to a link to one of my powerful new meditations!!! #Heart #Karma #creativewarriorPauloCoelho #lettinggo #catalyst #deepakLodhia #Inspiringspeaker #Uni


If your days seem filled with unwanted negative feelings, there is only one cure. When they come, choose them. Don’t ask why, don’t wonder how, don’t fight them and never put yourself down for having them. But most of all never blame someone else for how you feel. If you do, it means you are still fast asleep and your choice is to be a victim. When the feelings come, even big disturbing emotional feelings say, “I choose this feeling” and know it comes because of something you

Inner Beauty

“Wow…that’s beautiful!” Is either a cry or a thought when faced with the mountain sunset, a spectacular view or a well formed man or woman. But where is the beauty, where is the appreciation of beauty, where is the ability to discern beauty? It is within our own consciousness. For the essence of who and what we are is beauty itself. The essence of beauty is not found in the body, a face or a mountain – they only stir the essence of beauty within our own spirit. And that beaut